Time flying by

Joshua has managed a whole  long weekend away at his respite provision and when I called them last night to hear about his day, they were delighted with him. They said that he was very happy and friendly and that he had enjoyed  his time there. He has always slept well at the three overnight residences that he has used in his life – they have never reported any of his all night vigils or even broken sleep. In fact he is often tucked up in bed at 8pm for them! Is that because we have his bedtime routine wrong at home? could it be because bed is an escape for him while at respite? Or is it that they keep him so much busier during the day, that he is more stimulated, so that he is much more ready to go to sleep? I imagine that I will never know but suffice it to say, we should both be well rested after his monthly respite weekends.

It will be the start of our family holiday for his next booked weekend at respite, and so he will miss out as we have decided not to delay our trip to the seaside while waiting for Joshua to get back. So unless they can offer us alternative dates, he will not return for 8 weeks, which takes us to the August bank holiday weekend and the end of the school holidays. The long summer school holiday can prove to be a challenge in terms of childcare and entertaining our children, while juggling work. This summer should be a little easier as Joshua has Yorkshire Grandma, his PA/TA and his Dad available for childcare and for the first time, school are offering a summer school option of activity days. I am waiting to hear if Joshua has got the one day at school that I have selected, when activities that might interest him are on offer. I know that as usual, when he breaks up in July it feels as though six weeks is a long stretch to fill before he returns in September, but then it passes in a flash usually. When we return from our family hoiday, the school break will already be half-over!

But before Joshua’s end of term, he has fun activities planned like sports day this week, a class trip to a wildlife park next week and a school disco too in his final week of term, so he is a lucky lad and I am not wishing these final three weeks of term away.

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