Hello again,hello

I was in school yesterday morning working, so it felt odd driving in without Joshua and I got a few curious looks as I walked down the corridor alone, as though I had forgotten something. But Joshua did not arrive until after 10am, as he leaves respite late, to avoid the rush hour traffic. I was sitting in a public area of school when he arrived and he spotted me at quite some distance – proving that his eyesight may not be as poor as has been suggested. He stopped walking, grinned and  pointed at me as his greeting and we shared a Joshua-bear hug, as we were re-united. He was then reluctant to carry on into class, despite the lure of toast, so I took his hand and lead him in, where other staff were greeted with beams and hugs too. He was clearly content to be back at school.

I did not see him again, as he disappeared into his classroom, and I returned to my office later. So our next reunion was at home after 6pm, after Yorkshire Grandma had given him some tea. This time he was slightly sleepier, so my greeting was less enthusiastic. I read the detailed respite diary and saw to be surprise that he had refsed to have a bath each night that he had stayed there, whereas he loves a bath at home and it can be hard to get him to get out of it. As I read the diary to him, he picked up on the word ‘bath’ and he jumped out of his chair and queued by the door, waiting to be allowed upstairs. He enjoyed a long, luxurious soak and then fell asleep in bed, while watching his familiar, comforting Lion King, so all was well with the world once again.

But I was awoken at 3am with happy Joshua noises, so I went through to see what was going on and Joshua was sitting up in bed. So he has now had some cereal and I have left him quietly to settle down again while I came downstairs but I can hear him, through the monitor, repeatedly calling his ‘mummy’, so I guess this aspect of his nighttime routine is back too, having slept through at respite. Welcome back Joshua!

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