Run baby, run

I have woken up to clear blue skies this morning, so it looks as though our school’s sports day will go ahead today. We have Junior sports day this morning and then it will be seniors this afternoon, when Joshua will hopefully run his races. I have swapped my day off to be in school all day today, as after the sports day, I am due at a Governors Meeting tonight, so it is a day ahead dominated by school-matters. I do not have high expectations for Joshua’s sporting prowess, but I will be there to cheer on the other pupils too and to mingle with other parents. Sports Day is usually well attended by families and I hope that the sunshine will encourage more out than usual. It was Sports Day five years ago when I met the first Mum from this special school,  we got chatting and became friends.So it is a social occasion as well as celebrating the efforts of our children.

Joshua is usually disinterested in races and certainly, in winning, so much so that he does not warrant sending in shorts and tshirt, as he never breaks out into a sweat! But I love to see him with his peers and to see the enthusiasm of the other children and, just as much, from the school staff, who are always very competitive. He has been virtually dragged over the finish line several times at previous sports days. I do not think that Joshua’s disinterest in school races is wholly down to his disability, I believe that he has inherited his Mum’s – and his Granny’s for that matter – lack of competitive spirit when it comes to physical activity. But that does not mean that I do not admire those who can and do run, it is just a skill that I have never mastered that is all.

So I will go and cheer Joshua on from the sidelines and I am sure that he will do his best, but even if he doesn’t, I will still be proud of him, as I know the supreme effort that just walking takes for him.Go Joshua!!



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