Sporting achievements

We were blessed with wall to wall sunshine yesterday for school’s sports day and it was a great day, that was enjoyed by many. It was the Juniors in the morning and I was amazed to see how many parents, and their extended family had come along to support their children. I had baked some brownies and some scones to add to the refreshments that the sixth formers were serving, and all of my brownies disappeared, leaving none for the seniors in the afternoon! There was so much enthusiasm out there : from the children running, the families cheering and the staff encouarging – there was a great atmosphere and it was infectious. There were a few children who were running round the perimeter of the playground, closely followed by their teaching assistants, so it was a lively morning and one that must have exhausted the staff. I love to see proud children running to hug their parents , and grandparents, after they cross the finish line.

In the afternoon, it was the turn of Seniors and Joshua spotted me and his Dad in the audience very early on and he waved and grinned at us. He had four races in total : running, egg & spoon, beanbag and quoit. Each time, his patient TA helped him out of his chair and ran with him, encouraging him to take part. He was not sure what was going on but he enjoyed the atmosphere and the cheers of the audience, so he played to the crowd : by the final races when he was required to throw the quoit into a hoop, instead he threw it as far as he could towards his dad. The Head commented after his slow egg & spoon race that maybe sport was not going to be Joshua’s thing, but she revised her opinion later and suggested that his strength might be in a throwing event.

There were fewer families in attendance in the afternoon, but those who came seemed to enjoy themselves and thankfully, the sun stayed out for us too. But sports day is a key summer event in the school which tends to be well supported and I was certainly pleased that I stayed in school all day to share both parts of the day. Being outside of the normal school routine must be stressful for some of the pupils, and hence for the staff too, but there were very few incidents that were visible to me, and certainly, the staff did not let their stress show, as most were beaming  as much as the children.

All in all , well done to the staff and the children, it was a great day !

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