Looking forward to a family weddding

After a busy week of a lot of travelling across the country this week for work,  we have another early start today, to travel three hours to a family wedding. It is a grey start so far this morning so I hope the weather brightens up for their special day, in particular for the photographs. All of our smart outfits are laid out to wear and thankfully, Joshua’s suit from a previous wedding still fits him, so he will look uncharacteristically smart, all being well., at least for the start of the ceremony, even if he cannot maintain that look all day long.

It will be a welcome happy occasion for the family to get together, as the last gathering of my inlaws was for my father in laws funeral in the spring. Joshua will see 5 of his 6 cousins , 2 of his 3 Aunts and Uncles and one of his grandmothers today, so I am hopeful that he is on good form and does not want to sleep the day away but enjoys their company.We will take his wheelchair along of course, but hopefully he will feel well enough to walk around mostly and to fully participate in the occasion, even if he does not understand the reason for the party.

Joshua has attended several weddings in his life and the most challenging part to maintain his interest is during the meal, which tends to take some time and then of course, he can be required to sit still through speeches too. We have usually needed to let him wander around, to stretch his legs and to be able to express himself outside, as there is pressure on him to sit quietly so as not to distract the other guests. When he was younger, if he became tired during the day, he could have a nap on two chairs pushed together, but at over 5’10” now, that is not going to be possible, he is so leggy.We are staying overnight and so he will at least have a bed in the vicinity if he needs it at some stage during the day.

So I wish the bride and groom a very happy day and, even more importantly, a happy marriage  and life together, we are delighted to be able to share in their celebration today.


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