A summer’s day

The weather was very kind to the wedding yesterday: as we drove there for three hours, we came through torrential rain. I sympathised for the bride and her bridesmaids in their lace! But God was kind and as we arrived at the church the clouds dried up and the sun won the weather battle as it began to fight back.

We sat on two pews together with Nanna, cousins, aunts and uncles. Joshua always amazes me how unsurprised he seems when relatives appear in odd locations. It was a lovely service and we chimed in with the couple’s hymn choices. Then it was outside for photographs of the stunning couple with confetti and wedding cars.

Joshua walked all day yesterday, we left his wheelchair in the car boot. As we arrived at the reception, while others made a beeline for the bubbly being served in the garden, Joshua spied a guitarist. He climbed the steps to stand as close to the music and instrument as possible – he was mesmerised. I kept leading him away but Joshua was drawn, like a magnet, to the music. There were photographs galore in the garden and the we were summonsed indoors for the wedding breakfast.

We wished the couple well en route to the dining room, then wrote them a message in a wooden jigsaw piece and left our fingerprints on a tree of guests. Joshua and his young cousins on our table found it challenging to sit still for the three course meal and the speeches, while they ran outside to play, Joshua had a nap after  enjoying his bangers and mash! The bride’s father, grandfather, husband and two best men all made good speeches and the happy couple were well and truly toasted.

We slipped out before the evening do to check into our hotel and while we were there, had a short nap which revitalised all three of us. When we returned the disco was in full swing and it just started to drizzle in the garden. We hugged and waved cousins, aunts and uncles goodbye as they travelled home and then Joshua and I took to the dance floor. Shall I compare his dance technique to that of a pneumatic drill, he did not move his feet, simply dancing from the knees up! But he was happy. We bid our own goodbyes to the bride and groom around 11pm and headed back to our hotel with Nanna. Joshua soon settled down in our large double bed and was quickly snoring, after a long and active day. But before we were all asleep, Joshua began snorting from under the duvet and he had a seizure. He began his loud shouting of ‘mummy’ and I thought we were in for a sleepless night, but I was able to snuggle him back to sleep thankfully.

It was a lovely family occasion and I wish the newly married couple, a long and happy marriage ❤️

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