Holidays are coming….

We are now in the home straits for the summer holidays, with just nine more days of school left! Then we have six weeks to figure out how to occupy Joshua beyond him sleeping until lunchtime and then getting up to watch The Show endlessly, which is what he might choose to do given the choice. Of the six weeks we are on a family holiday for two of them, so that leaves four unaccounted for. He will have one long weekend at his respite provision but the rest of the time I will be working, so I will be relying upon Yorkshire Grandma, his PA and Joshua’s Dad to juggle the childcare between them, so that will be a fun balancing act.

Since the darling buds of May have passed, we have hurtled towards the end of term and it still seems incredible that we are in this place already, but then I have probably said that every year. I also know that the long summer holiday can feel like a long, void to fill and yet in early September I will be complaining that it has flown by again and that I have never got around to all of the things that I hoped to achieve. So I must get some playdates with friends booked in too, so that the time does not run away with me completely.

I have read and heard that several parents of special needs children – and probably mainstream too, to be fair – dread the long summer holiday when they have to occupy their children full time, without the respite of school. Not all of the pupils will understand that school is closed as they are bound up in that routine and so the change will upset them. I have explained several times that Joshua is not concerned by change, he will just appreciate not having to get up before 8am and will no doubt make the most of his lazy summer days. The challenge for me has always been getting him back into the routine after the holidays of getting up ‘early ‘ again. For the first time that I can recall, school are offering some summer school activity days, which  will I am sure prove to be very popular with families as a way of bridging that gap.

Joshua will not understand what is just around the corner, but if he did, I am pretty sure that he would be happy about it and I too am counting the days until our family holiday away….

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