Special delivery

Earlier in the week I wrote about my being on the madness spectrum and my friends and family, rather than contradicting me, supported my theory and agreed with me. One of the examples that I gave was us having a household full of pets. the girlsWell yesterday kind of confirmed this state of mind to be a reality as my husband and I, once Joshua had gone off to school, took our four dogs to te vet for thier innoculations and we took two of our cats to be spayed. You can imagine that our entourage took over the surgery and although we had booked several appointments for all of the tasks, a large queue formed behind us and we proved to have all too short a date. It could only have been more chaotic if I had tackled the visit on my own and perhaps had taken Joshua along for added fun!

She examined the cats first and they went into the back room to await surgery. Then she examined the dogs, two at a time, and they were all laid back about the injections, micro-chipping and their wormer. I faced a large bill at the end of the visit and I called out goodbye to our ‘kittens’. About two hours later, I received a call at work to tell me that the girls had not been spayed as they were both pregnant! I was shocked as there have never been any signs of a tomcat around our home and I had not appreciated that they were that grown up! I let the news settle in and then told colleagues at work who were either highly amused or went into panic mode on my behalf. By the time that I collected them at lunchtime, I had adjusted to the idea that both cats were expecting a litter rather than coming home spayed. We have no idea who the father is or when they might give birth, so this is more unpredictability in our already pretty unpredictable lives  and more pets in our already over-crowded home, just for the time-being at least.

Joshua is more of a dog-man, he is not interested in cats at all and I have already begun the process of seeking out potential homes for who knows how many kittens, but I had even become excited about the new arrivals by the afternoon, thus proving my point.

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