We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow..we’re going to stay all day!

I am lucky enough to be going on a class outing tomorrow to a nearby wildlife park as a volunteer. There will be 21 children and 10 adults going in school minibuses.I am really looking forward to it, it will be the perfect end to a hard-working week. I am hoping that the weather stays dry but that the eye of heaven does not shine too hot, or else that will add extra concerns about skincare from the sun. Some children do not appreciate seeing their mum on a school trip but fortunately Joshua is so used to seeing me around school, that he is unlikely to object to my presence.

I loved the first school trip that I went on with this school, five years ago. I was asked to go along so that I could be on hand to administer Joshua’s emergency medication if it was required. I was told that I did not need to stay with the class, just had to be close enough to be summonsed by mobile phone if I was needed. But I chose to stay with the class as we looked around a local park and took a land-train to a seaside town. Joshua behaved well so my medical experience was not called upon but it gave e a great insight into how the class operated and to get to know both the pupils and staff better.

I had thought up to that point that Joshua had been assigned to one teaching assistant , who would take care of him full time. It quickly became clear as we walked around the petting zoo that every staff member was familiar with every pupil, as they were constantly swapping about in a very natural, organic way. They each knew every child’s fears and foibles; so they responded like a team when an autistic boy had to be hurried past some peeling paint, as if he had seen it, he would have begun to pick at it until it was all off the lamppost. Another child needed reassurance as he walked in the gardens of the stately home, through a conifer tunnel, as he hated the dark. They knew which children should not sit together when we stopped for our packed lunch. It was all very impressive and was controlled so naturally, with no discussion, that it gave me even more confidence in the school, as as that time Joshua had only been part of the class for 3 months.

So I am looking forward to my day out tomorrow

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