Sunny Sunday

We have been treated to two consecutive days of sunshine already so that has got me in the holiday mood and I am beginning to feel that the eternal summer shall not fade. It meant that Joshua wore his shorts for the second day running, maybe his white long legs will get some colour on them if this keeps up. He is not good in the heat, it aggravates his epilepsy somehow, so I try to keep him out of the sun.  The heat can generally make him droop but yesterday, he stayed asleep in bed until lunchtime, so that was a good way to avoid heat stroke! I got on well with jobs while he was lying in, so it suited us both.

When he did wake up, all three of us went shopping to a nearby town.  While we were wandering, my husband met an ex-colleague and they began chatting and reminissing. While they were talking, his wife looked at me and Joshua and identified herself and her 15 year old son, as a pair that when the boys were babies, we went to a baby massage class together. I had not seen her for at least 13 years and I would have not recognised Joseph in a million years. Once re-connected, we too had a chat, reminisced and got a brief update of the last 13 years. It was a lovely catch up but of course, both teenagers scowled then ignored each other, having no memory of each other. To be fair, it did seem like a very different life as so much has happened since those baby days. So in the end, while it was our husbands who had first stopped to talk, in the end, they were waiting for us to finish our chat before we went our separate ways again.

There is a special connection I think with the friends that we make when we are expecting then new mums, a common bond that links us all together. I am still friendly with a group of mums who I met at ante-natal class and even though our children’s lives have turned out very differently, we are still in touch. In fact, I was delighted to be able to offer one of those ‘babies’ a week’s work experience in our office last week. He did really well, as it must be a daunting prospect, and it made me proud to see how that baby ,who is exactly two weeks older than Joshua, grew up into a tall, polite young man. But it is not just about the babies, we are planning birthday celebrations together as the mums, because two of us in the group will be 50 in the autumn, so that will be fun!

All in all, a fun weekend so lets bring on the last week of term….

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