End of term entertainment

Tomorrow it will be my final parent coffee morning in school, and it will be the ninth one as we started back in November. I am still reeling from the fact that it is the end of term really, how quickly has this academic year flown by? Joshua has one more year as a Senior and then he will be a sixth former!! My own school days felt like eternal time and I wonder if Joshua feels the same?  I am hoping for a good turnout as the coffee morning  falls on the last day of term, but the recent good weather may deter attendance- who wants to sit in a stuffy school room when you can be enjoying the sunshine in your garden? So I have made enquiries as to whether or not there is an outside space we could migrate into if the weather continues to be kind?

At first I asked if we could place picnic rugs in a corner of the playground and not be too much in the way. But at playtime, the children, quite rightly, have the run of their open space and most of them will need it to let off steam on the last day of term, and our presence there could be a problem for some. So the headteacher suggested an alternative area and now we are hoping to have access to one of the class’s gardens, attached to their classroom. I have made these investigations as the week has got hotter and hotter, it is bound to be cooler or wet tomorrow, but at least we are prepared for a picnic-style gathering if the summer is kind all week long!

Joshua has been worn out by this spell of hot weather, he has been droopy at school and after tea at home, has curled up to go to sleep at home early in the evening. So he may not be impressed that tonight, at 5.30 he will be taken back to school to dance the night away at the school disco. We have gone every year that Joshua has attended this school and it is a fun event when we usually see the same families there, both pupils’ families and some of the staff’s too. Joshua may not survive all two hours but I feel that we should support these social occasions as much as we can, or else we risk losing them, as they will not be sustainable.

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