The Power of PositiveThought

22 July is a significant date on my calendar for three main reasons : it is the last day of Joshua’s term at school and so after today, Joshua will enjoy six whole weeks on holiday. We have a variety of activities and adventures laid on for him, as well as some chilling-out time that he will need and demand.  We made it to the school disco last night and despite the heat, it was well attended. Joshua did his share of dancing and dozing too, his power naps seemed to restore his energy bursts. But by the time we got home at 9.30 last night, he was wide awake and he threatened to stay up all night. I was grateful for the 4 hours sleep that we did get, as he called out ‘monkey!’ to me at 4am! But it was a handy alarm call as I still had some baking to complete ready for today’s parent coffee morning.

It is the birthday of a friend and we are all going out for a meal to celebrate tomorrow night, after taking part in a 1940s weekend event, so I still have my fancy-dress costume to finalise later. I am hoping that Joshua will tolerate a flat cap as his nod towards the 1940s. We went to the event last year and observed, rather than joining in, so this year we plan to dressup in the period too. It is also carnival weekend in the town where we live, so that promises to be fun too.

But 22 July is, most significantly, the surgery date for my first best friend’s masectomy and reconstruction over in Texas. The time difference means that it is not taking place until 6pm tonight, but she has been in my thoughts all week to be honest. I sent her a card, some pyjamas and Yorkshire teabags to cheer her up and thankfully they arrived at the start of the week and did the trick! I am hoping and praying, for her and her family, that it all goes well and that after this full year of treatment, that she will be cancer free. If positive thought can fight cancer, then she will be cured for sure. So long as men can breathe and eyes can see, she has hoardes of friends and family backing her, so  by rights, she will be fine and well again very soon.

So all in all, it is a big day, so bring it on!

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