Hello playmates!

There are some days when Joshua does not want to do anything all day, but stay in bed and laze about but Joshua was on good form yesterday; he was pretty active and he stayed awake all day , as Yorkshire Grandma often describes him, he was an angel all day. There was lots to see at the 1940s event that we attended, and dressed up for, as the market square was bustling with landgirls, military uniforms and vintage dresses, although Joshua refused to keep his flat cap on his head – he has never tolerated headgear. The shops and cafes had made a real effort too, decorating their establishments with memorabilia and with crosses across their windows and sandbags at their doors. We even joined in, to be taught how to do the Lambeth Walk, so there was plenty for him to see and hear,even if the 1940s meant nothing to him as an era.

We went back to the house to change clothes before heading out again for a meal. I had a power nap, as he had kept me up much of the night before, but he stayed awake. He objected to getting back in the car just an hour after getting home, but he was persuaded that it was necessary if he wanted to eat. He ate most of his lasagne and behaved well in the restaurant, only needing to walk outside once while we waited for our food to arrive. Then we walked off our excesses with a river walk at the end of the day and he adored throwing stones into the river for our spaniel to fetch. He walked well and without complaint when we reached the hilly part where we had to abandon his wheelchair. It was dark by the time we got back to the car, but it was such a  warm night.

After all that exercise, food and being alert all day, it was no wonder that Joshua fell asleep, as did I, almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. If the rest of his summer holiday is as active and busy as yesterday was, he will be ready to go back to school for a rest!


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