Faith in Fate

Do you ever feel as though someone, or something, is controlling your life? That situations are being contrived so that you meet certain people who you were pre-ordained to meet? I regularly feel this way, as though an odd twist of events, means that I meet someone who becomes a friend, or even an acquaintance, and it feels as though it was ‘meant to be’. This could be God’s influence, or possibly a Fate Fairy, but as I get older, I am more convinced that events in our lives happen for a reason and I get comfort from that.

Our lives would have been very different if Joshua had not been born with his disability : this whole world of disability would have remained mysterious to me, although to be fair, I do still, even after 15 years, find it bewildering. Our careers would probably have taken a different turn and we may well not have stayed in the same home for 21 years. There are so many friends, acquaintances and professionals who we have met because of Joshua’s disability and it has placed me in situations, such as in special schools or in hospitals, where I would never have tread otherwise. I would not have written this blog for 14 months if Joshua did not have special needs.

I am not sure how my life will pan out, what is in store next for me, but I am going to continue to grab the opportunities that present themselves and simply see where that takes me. It helps that I am not a big planner, as that way, I am open to unforeseen opportunities and it is exciting not really knowing what is around the corner.So even if I do not have a plan, I feel as though there is a plan for me, so I will trust in that and go with the flow.

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