So happy to be back

It was a busy day yesterday, with two meetings and then a train ride home. I got back at 5pm and we made the final touches to the packing, and left the house again by 6pm, which was our best ever turnaround. Joshua sat up front with his Dad, while I dozed and supplied snacks for the boys from the back seat. About half way to the port, Joshua realised where we were going and he started to giggle and jig up and down in his seat, excited to be going on holiday. He was still awake as we arrived at the port at 11pm and waited for our midnight ferry. He stretched his long legs on the crossing, enjoyed some toasted teacake for supper and did not object to getting back in the car.

We arrived at our accommodation after 1am, so just sneaked the dogs and a few bags inside and slid into the beds that Granny had kindly made for us. We must have disturbed her as she popped her head in while I was getting Joshua ready for bed and he gave her a huge grin. As he has been coming here several times a year all of his life, this is like a home from home for Joshua – and for me for that matter! So he quickly fell asleep, with none of the unsettled wakefulness that we have often had in a hotel. He is still asleep now although I have noisily unpacked around him and I am sure that he will be thrilled to re-discover where he is, once he wakes up.

Now that I am on holiday, the times of my blogs being published may be more hit and miss, but I am sure to log our adventures and observations as we make the most of our two weeks away together.

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