Getting into our stride

What a perfect first day of our holiday : Joshua slept until midday after his late night, so we were able to go down the town and have a coffee on the beach, while Granny listened out for her grandson.We all three relaxed in the garden before deciding that Joshua had slept long enough and I took his his cereal in bed and a pancake, to wake him gently. He was slow to come around but was delighted to see Granny here, as though the night before might have been a mirage.

We walked the couple of miles along the cliff path to the next seaside town, where we sat outside a favourite pub for lunch in the sunshine. Joshua enjoyed his fish and chips, despite his breakfast not being long before then we walked back along the prom, wondering at how quiet the beach was for a sunny day in the school holidays. Worn out by our exertions, we sat in the garden when we got back, although Joshua curled up on the settee indoors, and in no time, I was in a deep sleep for two hours.It was just what I needed, although I felt rather disoriented when Mum woke me up.

After tea, my husband and I made the most of having Granny around, and we went for a 6 mile bike ride at dusk as it was a beautiful evening. I gave Joshua a bath when we got back and he went back to bed without any fuss. So all in all, it was a great start to our stay here. After the long drive down, we never like to drive anywhere on the first day, so to walk and cycle everywhere was perfect.

It is not just Joshua who likes to holiday somewhere familiar, but I love it too. You can settle immediately into your holiday stride as you know where everything is and it feels as comfortable as home. All the sights, sounds and smells bring back such fond memories of happy family holidays during my childhood and there is something special and reassuring about that. So I am feeling very fortunate and privileged right now.

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