Fiestas and Siestas!

While Joshua slept yesterday morning, my husband and I were able to go off on an 8 mile bike ride as Granny was able to listen out for him, even though he did not move a muscle while we were away. We cycled four miles to a Farm cafe where we planned to have coffee and lemon drizzle cake for eleveneses, but my order turned into a delicious vegetarian cooked breakfast, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It felt like a real treat, not just because it was delicious but because, as Joshua will not rise until midday on his holidays, we never get to go out for breakfast, which I enjoy doing. So this was an insight into a world that we never get to glimpse at.

Granny is packing up and leaving us now, so our happy party of 4 will become three, as she heads home. It has been fun to both share her company – we played putting after lunch yestetday and that was funny! – as well as making the most of her willingness to mind Joshua. We will do more solitary activities from now on, taking it in turns to go to the shops and ride our bikes, while the other watches over Joshua in the mornings, but then family jaunts in the afternoon. The dogs enjoy their early beach walk while everyone else is still sleeping, as we slip out quietly- well until one dog lets an excited yelp out! Yesterday I was out walking at 6am, saw the day begin and the beach come to life, and then went back to sleep for another hour, which felt very decadent too.

Given the odd hours that I sleep, part of a holiday for me is being able to have an afternoon siesta, whenever the mood takes me, something that might be frowned on when at work!

Last night it was the carnival parade for this town and the high street was lined with a crowd of excited onlookers. This is something that I can recall enjoying as a little girl and I can remember the excitement as we heard the marching bands approaching. Joshua jigged up and down in his wheelchair to the  different music that we were treated to  and the effort that had gone into the floats, fancy dress and dance routines, was very impressive! We watched the whole parade as it passed by  and cheered the participants on. Another fun day!

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