Joshua’s Big Night Out

We had a lazy day in the garden yesterday, reading in the sun, so we were ready to play out last night so we went to the cinema. I know that there are special autism-friendly screenings, but we are fortunate enough not to require them as the worst that Joshua can do is fall asleep generally in the warm, dark comfy chairs! Joshua and I went to see ‘Finding Dory’, while my husband saw a different film that started at a similar time, and true to form we had eaten our popcorn before the advertisements had even finished.

When Joshua was younger, he used to get very excited about going to the movies, so much so that we saw ‘Madagascar’ three times on holiday in Canada when he was 6! I think it was the huge screen and the loud soundtrack that he enjoyed.  But he played it much cooler nine years later last night, until we were in our seats near the front, where he began knocking his knees together – always a happy response – and he gazed intently at the huge screen in front of him. He sat still in his seat for 2.5 hours and only had a brief nap of ten minutes, when he rested his head on his knees, and he shouted out ‘Monkey!’ when he awoke, so I would consider that to be a great success. We stayed until the end of the credits, as he likes to do, to enjoy the music and added animation, and were treated to a bonus part of the film which everyone else in the theare missed.

We waited in the foyer for Joshua’s Dad, who had also enjoyed his film, and we went to an italian restaurant for a late evening meal, as it was now 9pm. Again Joshua behaved beautifully, enjoying his big night out, and he happily devoured his lasagne. We were too full to face the tiramisu , so declined a dessert and came home. He was still perky when he got back and I even wondered if he would settle in bed but we had no trouble at bedtime and he slept through until 5am this morning when he woke up calling out ‘Monkey!’ once again.

I suspect that it was a successful night out because we had not expected too much of Joshua during the day : he had enjoyed his usual midday lie in, and once dressed, he had not left the house all day but had enjoyed a homely, laid back day, so he was more than ready to be more entertained by the evening.

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