Living the Dream

I am dreaming more vividly while on holiday and I guess that is because the quality of my sleep is different to at home, or perhaps because my mind is not as active during the day , as I am more relaxed, so it is busier while I am asleep. Even my husband warned me not to go paragliding, as he had dreamt that I had blown far away and then crashed to the ground while he was watching! I have made a mental note never to volunteer, just in case this was a premonition of my demise.

So it got me wondering, does Joshua dream during these big 12 hour sleeps that he enjoys? Joshua sleeps so soundly that surely his mind, impaired though it is, must create images and stories for him at night  He has never woken up screaming from a nightmare that I have known. While Joshua’s understanding of the world will be different to most, surely dreams are sub conscious. I would love to think that Joshua is able bodied in his dreams, that he can run freely and has no use for a wheelchair and that he is not hampered by seizures. In his dreams, Joshua might be able to move about with ease, make himself understood and eat hot chocolate fudge cake endlessly…

Perhaps Joshua enjoys his long sleeps, not just because he is an exhausted teenager, but because he enjoys real freedom in his dreams. Maybe in his dreams, he can experience life as a ‘normal’ boy and he has no limitations. Even if it is not true – and lets face it, I am never going to find out for sure – I find this a comforting idea and I will continue to allow him to lie in until midday, just on the off-chance.

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