Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…..

We have now been on holiday for a full week and the great news is that we have another week to go! I think that we are all fully adjusted to holiday life now, Joshua sleeps in until midday and I even slept until 8am this morning. We had a lovely afternoon on the beach yesterday and we even splashed out on three loungers, with mattresses, to make ourselves comfortable. Our loungers were right on the shore when we arrived and Joshua excitedly watched the tide recede and he loved watching the people playing in the sea with surf boards and footballs. So it made for an unusually relaxing afternoon as he was happy to stay on his lounger as his eyes were occupied. So my husband and I took it in turns to take naps and I fetched snacks and drinks to consume.

Towards the end of the day we went for a swim in the sea, I was more reluctant than my husband but we took it in turns to stand with Joshua on the shore while the other dared to splash through the waves. Joshua enjoyed watching but he was not even willing to paddle in the sea. As ever, it felt cold at first but once the shoulders were under the water, it felt warmer than the breezy air. We teased Joshua by chasing and hugging him in our wet  swimming costumes so that he got a flavour of the salty sea!

We dried off back on our loungers and my husband bought cups of tea and a slice of madeira cake to warm us up. Again unusually Joshua was happy to return to his lounger, instead of insisting on leaving once he had stood up, so we stayed a while longer. We were joined by a father with an autistic teenager, Matthew, who lay in the sand, splashed in pools of seawater and asked his father endlessly for the time and what was happening next. His father was clearly exhausted by his visit to the beach and in the end, he put headphones on to listen to music rather than face any more questions. On this occasion, Joshua was not such hard work, but he has had his moments on the beach too so I could empathise with Matthew’s Dad.I really appreciated our afternoon on the beach yesterday and I hope that we might get the weather to repeat the experience again next week.

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