I do like to be beside the sea..

Yesterday my husband and I swapped roles as he has hurt his knee, so is struggling to walk very far. So I walked along the beach and up the cliff with Max the dog, which he usually does, and my husband brought Joshua to the pub at the top in the car, which is my normal role. I really enjoyed my hour long walk and I took some photographs of the stunning views en route. We were earlier than I had thought so we rested at the top, where this time last year we scattered Dad’s ashes. I had a quiet chat with him, admired his wild flowers and sought out the butterflies that we saw last year – there were one or two, but not the flurry we had witnessed¬† then sadly. We looked out at the blue sea and were pleased with both oursleves and with the daily view that Dad would enjoy.

Twenty minutes later, the boys arrived and we enjoyed a tasty lunch in the pub’s prime position, their ‘view room’ which overlooks the cliff and blue sea. We all enjoyed our lunch then took a rug back to the hilltop, forsaking the cheesecake dessert , for a lie down in the sunshine to digest. Joshua snuggled into his Dad and went back into a deep sleep, then we swapped over as he decided to risk his knee and walk the dogs down the hill. Joshua is very cuddly and it was difficult to extract myself 20 minutes later to drive us down to the beach rendez vous. But I succeeded and we drove down with all of the windows down and the music blaring, which Joshua loved.

Having discovered the day before how much he enjoyed it, we took Joshua back to the loungers on the beach and once again he began giggling as he watched the world go by on the shore, such simple pleasures. He even stayed there waving as we went for a paddle in the sea, he is not keen on cold water on his feet and it is such a performance to remove his boots, splints and socks on the beach, that he tends to keep them on. So it was another sunny day that we mostly spent outdoors, either on or in view of the sea. How lucky do we feel?..very!

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