I do like to stroll upon the prom, prom, prom

We went to a country show yesterday for the day so Joshua had been warned that he had to get up and out by 10.30, which we did not quite make but we were on our way before 11, which is good going for us. The setting was spectacular – blue skies, blue sea and white cliffs were the backdrop for all of the white marquees and the sun shone brightly all day long. We browsed up and down the rows of stalls and visited the craft tent, before settling on a hay bale to enjoy our favourite local band, who we have been enjoying for years now.

As they were setting up , Joshua enjoyed a sausage roll for lunch. As we were in full sun at 1pm, my husband bought him a sun hat which of course Joshua would not keep on his head. So I stood next to him, holding his left hand, to prevent him from removing his new hat. I had been there about a minute, when an elderly man sitting behind us told me to sit down as he could not see. I explained that I just needed a short while for Joshua to forget his hat was on, and then I would be out of his way. He continued to grumble at us and so I knelt beside Joshua and asked if that was better? The hat was thrown off and I now felt uncomfortable and so we moved into the shade of the beer tent, from where we watched the rest of the performance. The man’s wife approached us during the show to apologise for her rude husband and excused it by explaining that he had alzheimers, so of course, my sympathy went to her having to deal with his grumpiness and aggression. I told her that she had no need to worry and I tried to make her feel better by telling her how much more pleasant it was in the beer tent anyway.

But I also felt the kindness of strangers in the tea tent later on, where Joshua had a seizure at the table, possibly brought on by the heat. We both tried to make him feel more comfortable, with my husband seeking out a damp cloth to cool him down and I tried to keep his straightened limbs away from the wooden tressle table, where he was midway through his victoria sponge. I then put our rug on the table for Joshua to rest his head as he recovered. We had been closely watched by many other customers and while I was on my own with recovering Joshua, she approached to offer her assistance and gently touched my arm as an indication of her support. I told her that we had things under control, but thanked her and was very touched by her offer, as so often people stare but do not know how to help, so say nothing. But we moved on once he had recovered, but sadly we knew that it meant that he was not going to sleep last night as the aftermath.

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