So just let me be beside the seaside and I’ll be beside myself with glee

We had a quiet day yesterday , mostly staying home, as Joshua did not sleep at all the night before, due to the after-effects of his seizure. We managed to keep him in bed all night but that was through  a combination of films on my ipad and wrestling him down onto the pillow. I did the first shift from 10ish until 4am, but I gave up then and woke my husband to take over from 4 so that I could have some sleep too. When I woke three hours later, I crept into Joshua’s room , delighted to see him lying curled up in a sleepy position, but as I peeped at his eyes, they were still staring, blood shot and open! His eyes stayed that way all day too, he looked awful, as though he really needed a good sleep but his brain simply would not allow it.

He stayed indoors all day, wearing his helmet, as he seemed to be threatening more seizure activity, so he simply alternated from the settee to his bed and back again. It was such a sunny day that at 6pm I decided to take him out along the promenade for some evening sunshine with the dogs. There was not a cloud in the blue skies, it was stunning, and Joshua jigged in his wheelchair and enjoyed the beach tour too. My husband took the dogs onto the sand and they enjoyed the play too, as they had become resigned to a garden day.

As Joshua was brighter than he had been all day, we opted for a spontaneous meal out in a beautiful restaurant overlooking the beach. They squeezed us in and we watched children and dogs playing at the shore, then two horses galloped by as we waited for our order, so there was plenty to occupy Joshua. He ate more of his fishcakes than I expected him to but my husband and I virtually licked our plates, our dishes were so tasty, so it turned out to be a very satisfying walk indeed. Whether or not it was the fresh sea air, change of scene or the meal, I am not sure, but when we got back to the house, staring Joshua finally closed his eyes on the settee and he continued to sleep once I transferred him to bed, where he is still asleep now, which is a much better outcome than I was dreading.


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