Man’s best friend

We had a shock yesterday as we took our slowing dog to the vet, where he was scanned and had his blood tested. It seems that he is terminally ill with a tumour in his liver and he is not expected to survive the next couple of days.

Jack was one of our Honey’s six puppies, born at home almost 12 years ago. Jack was always special as he was the only long haired black dog and he arrived at bedtime, twelve hours after the other five, as an after thought. He grew to be a gentle giant and one of Joshua’s best friends. I have so many photographs of Jack being Joshua’s pillow and he would love to trot along side the wheelchair. Joshua was just three when the pups arrived so he will not remember life without a houseful of dogs – of course by most people’s standards, three dogs is still a houseful!!

So now we are just making Jack’s final hours as comfortable and familiar as we can and preparing to say our goodbyes. I wish that Joshua understood what was happening around him but he is picking up on the tears and he gave his playmate a tickle on his head. Jack does not seem to be in distress or in pain, but he is just getting weaker and weaker and the best  outcome that we can hope for is that he drifts off to sleep… good night Jack


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