A Day out together

I am delighted to report that our dog, Jack, who was not expected to survive on Monday night, is still with us and if anything, is getting more mobile. We had discussed our plans for leaving him at home while we went out for lunch then coming back to check on him, but he had his own ideas. When I opened the car boot, he tried to jump in, he was adamant that he wanted to come too. So we made him comfortable and he got his way, talk about resilience, he even enjoyed a short walk after lunch too. He seems determined to make the most of what will be his final holiday.

We  headed into a town with a week long festival, where we browsed through the crowded streets enjoying the stalls and inpromptu music. We settled in a bar with an external stage, managing to get seats right at the front and we waited for the local band that all three of us enjoy listening to. When they began to sing, Joshua jigged in his wheelchair and waved his arm around in delight. But by their penultimate song, he could not hold back any more and he gestured to get out of his chair. Wild horses would not keep him away from the front of the  stage and the loud speakers, so we danced to their finale. The band know Joshua and have watched him grow over the years that we have followed them and so they do not seem to mind this groupie. In fact, my phone this morning has shown me a video of us both dancing to exactly the same song exactly three years ago today, with both of us looking younger. His evident enjoyment of the music, makes others smile and one lady , a stranger, came up to us while we were dancing and grabbed one of each of our hands and gave them a squeeze, but said nothing.

Joshua has always loved music, he feels it I am sure and so I am happy to let him express that enjoyment and to share it with others.

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