Horsing around

As our holiday nears its close, thoughts of work and home are filtering into my dreams as my mind clearly gets drawn back to the real world. But the blue sky out of the dining room window reminds me that we still have two more full days of fun in the sun to enjoy. Tonight we will head back to the carnival town where they end the week with a firework display and another performance by the band we like, which will be fun if the crowds are not too crazy. I find pushing a wheelchair through crowded streets pretty claustrophobic as nobody looks where they are going and they are forever bumping into Joshua. At first, I apologise if I ram his foot plates into their shins, but after  a few bumps, I seek pleasure in getting my revenge on careless pedestrians. It is a real insight into how oblivious most of the general public are to disability, to push a heavy wheelchair through a crowd.

Last night, we were there watching a band , enjoying the music, when I saw Joshua stick his large boot out and trip up a drunk young man, who was mortified. He stumbled then apologised to me as his carer and I looked down at Joshua, so then he grabbed Joshua’s hand and apologised there too. Little did he know that Joshua had tripped him up deliberately, so I guess he gets pleasure in his revenge too, just like his mum. It is a good game sticking his leg out like a horse jump and watching others fall over it, and it appeals to Joshua’s slap stick sense of humour I think and keeps him entertained.

Joshus is still amused by other people hurting themselves and by human noises such as burping and sneezing, he is shocked by the noise, then giggles and then demands a repeat performance, so his sense of humour is in keeping with his toddler-level  cognitive development. He enjoys his fellow students being naughty and being told off in class too, that is hilarious.There is plenty of exaggerated slapstick humour in his classroom and Joshua joins in. But I don’t mind what he finds funny, I just love to hear him laugh. He has a deep, uncontrollable giggle which is priceless.

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