Now the end is near…..

Well it is time to pack up and clean up and head home  and back to work in the morning. We have been truly spoilt with amazing weather for our full stay and the sun is out again this morning. We enjoyed another afternoon out on the beach yesterday, which started with lunch in a beach bar: Joshua was in his element with live music, a sea view, a glass of orange juice and some fish and chips, what more could anyone want? We all dozed off our lunch on a rug on the beach but were sadly disturbed by Joshua having his third seizure of the holiday, so thereafter he lay dazed on the rug but would not close his staring eyes. My husband and I took our last swim in the sea , leaving Max the dog in charge of Joshua on the empty beach.

Joshua had some tea back at the house and then we headed out again to watch the final performance of the local band that we follow, they were not performing until 9pm. It was a totally different atmosphere last night to the previous week as the tourists and visitors had mostly gone home and so it was a smaller audience, of mainly locals and the staff who had been manning the food and drink stalls for the past week. Joshua enjoyed most of the act, only laying his head on his knees, once or twice but he was jigging in his wheelchair for the grand finale. A lady sat next to me and asked when he would be dancing, as she had seen him the previous year and she was disappointed when I explained that he was rather wobbily still from his earlier seizure. But his enjoyment of the music had clearly made an impression on her.

We stayed chatting after the show and then enjoyed the freedom of the emptier streets with the wheelchair and it was easier to leave, knowing that the entertainment was over too. We will be taking a very weak Jack home with us too, as he has defied the vet’s prediction and has kept going. He will not be galloping across the sand for his final beach walk, but he will potter in the garden before we set off, saying his final goodbye to a happy holiday home.

We are very fortunate that Joshua is a patient traveller, as we have a six hour minimum journey ahead , but the long drive has truly been worth it. Until next time, my happy place.

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