Back home

We are very fortunate that Joshua is such a patient traveller, he is not demanding at all. We loaded him into the car at 12.30, as he obligingly slept through the tidying and packing up. He had some brief entertainment on the 45 minute ferry journey, which was stunning as the sea and sky were blue and we sat on the top deck watching the world go by. But once he was back in the car, he did not get out again until we got home at just before 8pm. He dozed, enjoyed music, ate snacks and looked out of the window, but never complained once. As we got 20 minutes from home, he started to bounce in his seat; he clearly knew where he was and he was happy about it. Joshua has always been a real home-boy. This homecoming was no exception, he was delighted to be back home and he was soon installed in his armchair, enjoying the much missed ‘Show’, which was not interrupted by Olympics coverage as Daddy has his own lounge and television for sport!

Surprisingly, as he had not exerted himself all day, Joshua was ready for bed after he had eaten tea. As I return to work today, Yorkshire Grandma will be taking care of him for the next two days, which I am sure they will both enjoy. She says that it feels as though she has not seen him forever, so that will be a fun reunion I am sure; he will enjoy the change of company as he has been limited to his parents for the last two weeks!

We were welcomed home by the pets who we had left behind, in Yorkshire Grandma’s care, and they instantly recognised that Jack was unwell and they inspected him from head to toe. Now that we have brought Jack home, it is sad decision time.He is so weak now that he staggers around like a new foal, struggling to get his balance. He has defied the vet’s prediction and clung on until the end of the holiday, but he cannot go on much longer now, so we need to be brave and do the right thing .

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