Nose to the grindstone

I did not really feel ready to go back to work yesterday as I felt in need of some time at home to acclimatise. We always like to squeeze the last moments out of our holiday, by not leaving until Sunday afternoon, but the downside of that is the rushed feeling of just a few hours turnaround. I know that the more sensible approach is to leave on Saturday or at least on sunday morning, but we have never been sensible where holidays are concerned as we have always been ruled by our hearts not our heads. But as a result, going to work yesterday was a struggle. Having had over two weeks with Joshua, it felt odd kissing my sleeping teenager goodbye in the morning and then he enjoyed a day on the beach with Yorkshire Grandma. I saw him awake when I got home, while he was eating his tea, but after that he snuggled down to go to sleep in his armchair, so I complained about only seeing his eyes open for around 20 minutes all day.

We live in a seaside town so I seemed to be surrounded by holiday-makers, which did not help my feeling of injustice and feeling sorry for myself. I queued home in the car at lunchtime, due to congestion of tourists, so I decided to cycle back to the office in the sunshine – partly to bypass the queues and to be healthier, but also in an attempt to re-capture some holiday spirit and it worked well. So much so that I may cycle in today too; I will not win any medals for speed but it is a fun means of transport and my 2-3 mile commute is just the perfect distance for me. But I did warn my colleagues at 3pm that I was now accustomed to an afternoon siesta and so I may have nodded off at my desk, but I managed to keep active to prevent that from happening, even though my eyes wanted to close briefly for a power-nap.

I was relieved when it was time to cycle back home and I heard Yorkshire Grandma’s tales of the day and of the two weeks while we have been away.I know that today will get easier and soon I will be back in the swing of my routine. This is simply the price that I have to pay for having had a good holiday. And lets face it, we have a long Bank Holiday weekend coming up just around the corner…..

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