The Here & Now

Joshua missed his last weekend of Respite as it fell on the first weekend of our family holiday. I turned it down rather than delaying the start of our holiday and I asked, without any real expectation, if he could have any other days and nights as an alternative. To my surprise, this did not seem to be such a hurdle, and they offered us two nights this week. So I will be dropping Joshua off there this afternoon and picking him up again on Friday morning. I am hoping that he is as excited as he has been previously to stay there, even though he has not stayed for six weeks now. So his bag is packed and I have told him several times where he is going and when I will see him again, but I am not sure that he will really understand until we pull up outside the familiar building.

Joshua certainly understands what is meant by ‘bath’ and ‘bed’ as he repeats those words and even requests them when he is tired. But we were asked on the last day of our holiday if Joshua was upset to be going home? I had to explain that I doubted that Joshua realised that we were homeward bound and if he did, Joshua would not be disappointed by that change as he is a real home-bird. While he can grasp nouns like bed, I do not think that he feels emotions such as ‘being upset’ about a future event, which is a benefit, as is not feeling anxiety about something that is about to happen. But likewise, Joshua will not experience excitement about something that is anticpated, such as an outing or his birthday, which is disappointing as , for me, often the build up is as rewarding as the event itself.

On balance, perhaps living in the ‘here and now’ as Joshua does, rather than wasting time pondering the past or speculating about the future, is the sensible way to be, maybe he has the right idea after all.

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