What if….?

Yesterday was A level results day and so all over the country there were families who were celebrating that their teenagers’ hard work had paid off and they were taking the next step on their journey, and going off to University in the autumn and there were also families where dreams were shattered by disappointing A level results and new plans had to be made. It made me reflect back on my results day 31 years ago but it also made me sad that this was experience that Joshua would never have.

I am so proud of all that he achieves everyday; he takes so much in his stride and comes out the other side smiling and he has great social skills. But he is never going to have any academic success nor head off to college with his peers and I am sad for this missed opportunity. But I accept that Joshua will not have that regret, he will not feel as though he is missing out, that is simply my projection onto him because I loved my years at university. Similarly, my husband regrets that due to Joshua’s right sided weakness that he has not fufilled his athletic prowess, while watching the athletics in Rio at the moment, he often muses which sport Joshua might have excelled at given his tall, slim physique. Again I do not think that Joshua is a frustrated long jumper, my husband is simply speculating over what might have been.

But Joshua does have opportunities to fulfill his potential, both at home and in school. If he shows any interest or aptitude for something, then he is encouraged fully to develop his skill or interest further. Joshua may not acquire a string of qualifications or a shelf full of trophies, but we could not be more proud of the young man that he is becoming and the outlook on life that he adopts. we never know quite what is around the corner, but whatever it is, Joshua will embrace it in his unique style.

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