A fun day out with friends

Thankfully on night three, Joshua slept and is still asleep now. He continued to be ‘in and out’ all day  and gradually he was with s more than he was not, such is the pwer of spilepsy, its residual effects rumble on for days. Gradually the loud shrieks for ‘Mummy’, ‘daddy’ and ‘bed’ subsided and by the evening Joshua was fianlly able to close his staring eyes.

We took the boys to the cinema to see ‘Petes Dragon’ and it was a success. we sat on the second row under the screen, so had there not been a row of chartering girls behind us, it would have felt as though the film was being played only for us. The noise behind us menat that I did not feel any embarrassment over the range of noises that emanated from our row of seats. Joshua would shout out occasionally and his friend would get louder and rock in his seat when the action became exciting. It was an entertaining filma and Joshua made no attempt to leave or to sleep so that is a success in my book.

After the film we went shopping, which JOshua tolerated but his friend adores. He loved to rummage for DVDs in charity shops and he came away with  a new stash of films and books to enjoy, pleased with his newly acquired treasure. Whereas the highlight for Joshua was when we stopped for afternoon tea, we shared a toasted teacake and Joshua tried to catch the eye, or sometimes the arms, of the young waiters and waitresses. He produced his best smiles of the day for them and was rewarded with his chased response. Joshua gets a thrill from a smile or a greeting from a stranger.

There was a special shared moment between the two teenagers last night, as we were all relaxing after tea, watching one of the new films. Joshua’s friend signed hello to him and asked if he was happy. I helped Joshua to sign hello back, which made them both giggle and then Joshua purposely sat up and waved across at his friend, expressing himself clearly. Then they both went back to watching the television. Joshua does not have many friends with peers and so it was great to witness this brief interaction.. It is a friendhip that I would love to see develop and continue to grow.

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