Down by the riverside

Once Joshua was topped up on his missing sleep, he was on good form again and we all enjoyed the last day of our weekend away. We drove into the countryside and went for a walk that ran along the riverside that was wheelchair friendly for Joshua and that was flat and about the right distance for his companion and we set off for the pub, where our reward would be sunday lunch. Not long after we started, Joshua’s companion offered to push his wheelchair, which I took as a kind offer. But he then signed to Joshua to get out of the chair and he was brokering a swap, which made us all laugh. He slowed down but was encouraged to keep walking, pointing out the white pub in the distance as his goal. Joshus enjoyed the luxury of being pushed along the river walk.

We settled outside when we arrived at the pub and ordered lunch. Both teenagers weregiggling and happy – one to be finally sitting down and to have food on its way and the other, pleased to be out in company and to have food on its way. We had to wait longer than either would have liked, but we were able to keep them amused. When their fish and chips arrived, all hilarity disappeared as eating is a serious business and requires full concentration. After pudding we set off the walk back to the car and again, Joshua’s companion began to complain of being tired. He chased my friend for a promised , but elusive, piggy back, so that involved some running  and for a short while, Joshua gave up his wheelchair and stretched his long legs allowing his friend to rest his weary legs. With  a lot more encouragement, we made it back to the car, which was kissed as he was so pleased to arrive back. It was a beautiful river walk , in spectacular countryside, but typically I find that teenagers do not really appreciate views and I am pretty certain that the scenery did not really impress Joshua or his companion.

We drove back to the cottage and packed up, our weekend away was over. I am so pleased by how both boys got on well and had a fun time. I hope that we will repeat the experience again in the future but before next time, I would like to learn more signing so that I can communicate better with Joshua’s friend . I picked a fair amount up over the weekend, I now know more than I did, but I would like to be able to communicate properly as my inadequacy with signing must have been frustrating, but thankfully we had an interpreter. I must add to learn sign language to my list of skills that I still need to acquire. If he was frustrated by my inability to speak his language, my travelling companion never once let it show.

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