A giddy kipper

I have documented a lot about Joshua’s difficult sleep patterns, the fact that he seems to be all or nothing with his sleep. As the school holidays draw to a close, we ought to start to get into a better routine of earlier nights and getting up before mid-morning but that is easier said than done I find. Joshua had a happy, lively day with Yorkshire Grandma yesterday and he was beaming from ear to ear when I got home from work. She reported that he had been that giggly and jolly all day long, which is great to see. Sadly though, when Joshua is giddy, theer is often a nagging doubt that a seizure may be on its way or that a sleepless night lies ahead, which can take away some of the pleasure of seeing him on such good form. But his cheesy grins were so heartfelt that it was impossible not to be infected by his clear enthusiasm for life.

But unexpectedly at 7pm, Joshua dragged me upstairs insisting on an early bath and even turning on the taps himself to show me his intentions, so he was in his pyjamas before 8pm and was tucked up in bed. But later the plan disintegrated and he jumped out of bed and stood on the landing calling out. The sleepy boy had disappeared and had been replaced by a noisy, wide awake teenager who kept shouting out ‘bed’ but would not stay in it. He came downstairs for some cereal and we had a snuggle on the settee and tried to settle down. No seizure came and eventually Joshua was persuaded to go to sleep in his bed, where he is still sleeping now.

But this does not bode well for getting back to a school-time routine. It normally takes him a couple of weeks to settle in and to manage to stay awake for a full school day after a holiday. He is delighted to see everyone but then he seeks out his giant bean-bag for a lie down, worn out by all of the socialising. But Joshua is nothing if not unpredictable, he likes to keep me on my toes, so who knows what actually lies in store? I am hoping to see more giddiness along the way.


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