Speaking his mind

I have been thinking about the array of words that Joshua has as it clearly shows what is important to him. Joshua used to have a much wider vocabulary than he now has, epileptic seizures deprived him of much of his linguistic ability. But he has still got key words in his repertoire that show what really matters:

Joshua can get our attention by calling for ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ and he uses these  everyday. Joshua somehow says our names in a variety of tones to indicate what he is expecting from us ranging from a gentle version which suggests love to a loud, demanding shout which is rather cross and is reprimanding us. There is also the heart-warming ‘Mummy’ that he exclaims when he is pleased to see me.

Joshua then has a range of words that he uses appropriately to ask for his favourite things, which are very useful : he can ask for ‘cake’, ‘bath’, ‘bed’, ‘show’, ‘tea’ and ‘Movie’. He will keep asking until he gets those things and so he has a range of requests as well as taking you by the hand to what he would like or taking himelf to the bathroom, for example, and running the taps is less subtle.

But Joshua is also very able to express his dissatisfaction as he has a very powerful and loud ‘No!’, so again you are in no doubt of his meaning. There are three levels of Joshua’s negativity : it begins with simple no, but if you persist and he is not impressed, then he will point and wag his finger at you while repeating his ‘no’. But if his wishes continue to be ignored, in the old days at the hairdressers or the dentist for example, then he will protest by biting his finger and then it is even more clear that he is not happy with the situation. This is a really helpful hierarchy of ‘no’s’ and it is a helpful guide to give people when they first meet him.

Joshua is not equipped to have a conversation with us but he still has sufficient language to be able to make his basic needs, wants and dislikes clearly understood and in that way he is more fortunate than some. It continues to be a thrill whenever Joshua adds a new word to his repertoire, he repeated ‘kiss’ to me the other night as I asked for a goodnight kiss. I have always believed that there is a store of words tucked away in there, just waiting to come back out again.

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