Home is where the heart is

21 years ago today we moved into our current family home, little suspecting what ups and downs we would have inside those walls. It has served us well and continues to do so. It is the only home that Joshua has known. It has witnessed many of his triumphs and also his struggles too.

When we brought an immobile Joshua home from Great Ormond Street hospital after his brain surgery two years ago, we were fortunate enough to adapt a downstairs bedroom for him – which he still uses when he needs to – and an impromptu bathroom in the hall, with an improvised bath on wheels! It has accommodated birthday parties and family Christmases over the years. And has room for all of our pets to play.

So on this anniversary, we thank the house that has become our home. Somewhere that Joshua is always delighted to return to , often to the words ‘back home’

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