Up up and away

On Thursday night Joshua had another of his sleepless nights, when nothing would settle him. He constantly called out ‘mummy’ ‘daddy’ and ‘bed’ but would not lie down in his bed!finally in the morning , the brewing seizure arrived to explain his wakefulness and it was replaced with staring and s refusal to sit still but being frozen in wobbly statue poses that looked destined to end in tears. 

He picked up on the packing and so he took himself outside to wait in the car. Joshua was returning to his respite provision for his weekend and we were heading away from there. He was delighted when he arrived, beaming, giggling, high 5 Ing and some selected staff were hugged. We were reluctant to leave him. Anticipating more seizure activity but the balance of his happiness and him being vacant , reversed giving us the confidence to leave after several attempts at goodbye. We laughed as leaving when he called one of the carers a monkey!

When I called later, after we had both enjoyed a well earned  nap , two different staff told us that he had been the most vocal that they had ever heard him! He had even mentioned Jack, our dog who died last week, which suggests once again that Joshua is more aware of his surroundings than we might think. I really hope that he can put seizures behind him and that we can all enjoy a fun weekend, playing like monkeys!

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