Grand Band Stand

We went to an agricultural show yesterday and although we were without Joshua, I found myself thinking about him all day. He is not a big fan of such shows so he wasn’t missing out . We parked in a long – grassed field and I found myself being glad that I wasn’t pushing a wheelchair through the high grass. Similarly the crowds would not make wheelchair access easy. 

But I did gravitate towards the brass band, Joshua’s favourite part of the show, and I sat on the grass and enjoyed their music. My attention was grabbed by a family with a young autistic boy in a wheelchair close by. He was mesmerised by the music , as Joshua would have been, and his family , particularly his teenaged sister who kept giving him a thumbs up sign, were clearly thrilled by his pleasure.  The boy looked as though he was probably difficult to engage and so this entertainment offered them real respite, with the family sharing in their son’s joy.

We will all seek out activities that bring our children pleasure and calm,  and it increases the pleasure of those around I am sure. Music is such a blessing and the band had a real talent in spreading genuine joy. Joshua has always felt music, you can see it running through his body and it makes him tingle all over. Music is a special language that speaks to Joshua  and one that he adores more than anything. I am delighted that he has that special passion in his life and one that he will always be able to have access to, as he gravitates towards it wherever he goes.

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