Joining in

We were invited to friends for tea last night and Joshua was clearly thrilled to be there. He tucked into the bowl of crisps as soon as he arrived, as though they were only out there for his pleasure! When we sat around the table for our evening meal he beamed at everyone sharing his rough high 5s around the table. He was either too giddy or too full of crisps but he didn’t eat much chilli, but that didn’t spoil his fun.

We cleAred the table and five of us played cards, surrounding Joshua in shouts and shrieks and energy. He loved being amongst the fun even though he could not follow the game. So he began to blow raspberries to join in with the buzz and he responded happily to the laughter that greeted him by making more rude noises as it clearly entertained the group. He was a happy performer.

As we left he was high as a kite and I feared that he wouldn’t sleep, but he was worn out by the fun and games and sociable time. So we both flopped into bed and were soon dreaming away.

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