Not joining in

After being thrilled to join in with the ‘party’ on Monday night, Joshua refused to join in with yesterday’s planned activity. Five of us went to a large agricultural show where there were stalls, livestock, displays as well as local food to enjoy. But it was not Joshua’s idea of a fun day out at all and he objected in a passive but deliberate way. My husband pushed Joshua in his wheelchair across the soft fields, frequently getting stuck in ruts, but Joshua did not appreciate his effort. Instead, he lay his head in his lap, refusing to look at the sights that he was presented with, and he went to sleep in protest.

I thought that he would be woken by the brass band music but he did not even rear his head! He was unimpressed by the sheep dog trials but he did sit up briefly to share my cheese and onion pasty. I then encouraged him to walk for a while, which he tolerated but he was soon reaching back for his muddy wheelchair. Joshua was unimpressed by the fell runners taking on the crag above us and was not even interested in the horses racing passed us around the track. In fact the biggest smile we saw from Joshua all day was when we took him back home, he seemed relieved that his countryside ordeal was over.
Unfortunately  for Joshua, he did not have any choice yesterday, he had to come along to his parents’choice of entertainment, whereas other 15 year olds could have chosen to stay at home or to spend the day with friends. Sadly, he does not have that option, but luckily he usually approves of our activity choices. He was able to show us his disapproval, by opting out, but despite it , the show went on and he used the day to catch up on some sleep.

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