A hair-brained scheme

I am just back from taking Joshua to the hairdressers for his smart back to school trim. In the past these have been nightmare occasions when I have needed strong arms to restrain him and ear plaugs against the noise. But  this latest visit was very calm. I could not say that Joshua enjoyed the experience yet as he held a very serious expression on his face throughout but he did not thrash about in his gown or complain at the top of his voice. He had his eyes shut much of the time but he did not attempt to bite his finger, which is something that he does when he is very distressed. He only uttered a single ‘no,no,no!’ in protest but he seemed to accept his fate.

At one time, such a passive reaction could never even have been dreamed of and for that development , I am truly grateful. I am not sure if it is because he now accepts its inevitability, if he secretly enjoys admiring the smart results in the mirror, if he enjoys all the feamle attention or if we are all better prepared for the outbursts, but today was a much simpler and more relaxing experience than I was dreading.

I hope that our experience can bring hope to the parents who are still struggling with angry toddlers who are defying the scissors and are getting thrown out of barber shops, as we once did. My advice is to persevere and to seek out an understanding hairdresser who can accommodate your child’s idiosyncracies, without making either the child or parent feel uncomfortable. My son left the salon with gel in his hair and a smile on his face and he will adore the attention that his shorter hair will no doubt now attract. All is now well until his thick unruly hair grows back, but until then I am happy to enjoy this sense of real achievement and to offer hope.

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