Full of fun

Yorkshire Grandma put Joshua to bed last night as we were both out and so he was all tucked up asleep when we got home late. He must have missed me as his voice woke me up at 5 this morning when he called out ‘Mummy!’. I went into his room to be greeted by a very lively boy who would not be persuaded to snuggle back down to sleep. I warned him that he was due back at school next week and so then he would be glad of a lie in and so he should grab his chances while he could. But , as ever, he ignored my sensible advice and knelt up in bed to look at books.

It was later when I came to get him dressed that Joshua suddenly became very weary and tried to hide under his duvet from me. So I feel that he was really just playing a game with me and he enjoyed being contrary. We often play a game on school days in that once he is dressed in uniform, he will climb into bed next to his dad and pretend to be asleep. I  come back into the bedroom and pretend to be cross with my husband for allowing Joshua to go back to sleep. This really tickles Joshua and he giggles away from under the covers waiting for me to uncover him and chivvy him along. 

I love Joshua’s sense of fun, even if his timing can be off. His smiling face makes it very difficult to even pretend to be mad with him and I am convinced that he knows precisely what he is doing. 

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