Sealed with a kiss

When we were out shopping in the rain today, we sheltered in the dry for refreshments. We sat in armchairs next to the door and he was like the welcoming committee for the cafe. He smiled at everyone who entered so he was pleased with our position. He reached out for selected customers and insisted on a greeting and he was always rewarded with a positive response. One older lady must have particularly caught his eye as not only did he reach for her but he would not let go, he pulled her towards him and gave her a kiss! She took it all in her stride, as though it happened all of the time.

As we were leaving the cafe she called Joshua and me over. She said that Joshua had made her day as ‘ it’s not everyday that I am kissed by a handsome young man’ . It was a friendly reaction as she made it feel like the most natural thing in the world and so I did not feel the need to apologise for his over- familiarity. 

I like the fact that Joshua did brighten this lady’s damp morning, but he is not always as fortunate in his choices. But mostly he is a good judge of character so I wonder what he sees in people that equips him to choose who he is drawn to. It would be such an eye opener to see people , and the world for that matter, through Joshua’s eyes.

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