Full of it

Joshua is making the most of the last couple of days of his school holidays and he spent today with Yorkshire grandma. Judging by his giddiness when he got back, I can tell that they had fun. He was shouting  out to tell me about his day . He repeated that he had been in the ‘beach’ and that he had enjoyed some ‘cake’ , which were both exciting highlights. He kept calling Yorkshire grandma and me both monkeys and he was even mentioned ‘Santa’ which seems  a little premature. 

I love to hear Joshua’s voice , except perhaps in the early hours of the morning! He seemed happy to share his joy and sense of fun and it felt as though he was trying to tell me about his day. 

Now he is nagging me for his next favourite thing – ‘bath’. Once he has luxuriated in bubbles he will have enjoyed some real pleasures – bath, beach and cake- what more could a boy need? Such simple pleasures make my lad happy .

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