Welcome back to school

For Joshua today marked the end of six weeks off on summer holidays and it was time to return to school today. For him it meant an early start – to be dressed by 8am has been unheard of in the school holidays. He did not object too much, even though he tried to snuggle back to sleep after breakfast. He looked smart in his school uniform and hopefully that reminded Joshua where he was heading, as well as my verbal prompts since last weekend.

Joshua has not changed classes or teacher so I like to think that it felt familiar returning for a new school year. I liked to think that a return to school meant getting reacquainted with his classmates and the staff that he is so fond of. But I fear that instead he may have played the sulky teenager. 

Even though I have not been with him throughout the school holidays, I really missed him today and was eager to see his smiling face on my return from work. I was keen to read all about his day in his diary, to feel back in touch with the events of his day.

I have high hopes for Joshua’s new school year – for the fun that he will have and hopefully the new skills he will acquire. Bring it on!

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