Sharing treats and more

Today was the last day before the October half term and it coincided with my parent coffee morning at school. As school photographs were being taken all day in the meeting room where I usually host this event for parents, we were diverted to the open plan dining hall in the centre of the school. At first I was uncertain as to how it would work, without access to a kettle or washing up facilities but we coped and it gave us a better perspective of the busy-ness of the school  and we felt more part of the school than normal. There was a constant stream of staff and pupils passing through curious about what we were doing and even more interested in our sweet treats – brownies, banoffee pie and shortbread!

I am never sure who will attend, although over the last year we’ve gained a core following. But I was delighted that four new faces joined us this month – one mother said that in the 13 years her child had been at the school , this was the first time she had attended such an event and that she would come along again, which was a great result.

But my favourite moment by far was when one pupil spotted us as he was walking back to his classroom. He diverted to the tables we were occupying and I thought was visiting his mother but instead, with a smile he pointed at my baking and shouted ‘cake, cake!’ Then he approached his mum, sat on her knee and gave her a cuddle. we all enjoyed witnessing this boy’s clear affection for his mum and he was of course rewarded with two brownies to take home .

We moved aside to let school dinners commence, but it was a successful morning when views were aired ,concerns were shared and diets were broken .

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