The Best Laid Plans

Tonight my husband and I are going on a short holiday overseas and we are repeating a trip that we did both before Joshua was born and when he was a small boy, who was towed behind my husband’s bicycle. I am hoping that now we are both older and heavier ,that we can still manage the cycling.

But we are only able to go away because of the kindness of others and I am most grateful for that. Joshua will go home after school , and stay overnight with a trusted friend tonight. I am really hoping that he does not wake at 1.30am , as he did for me last night, for her!! She will take him back to school in the morning and from there he will be collected, as usual, by taxi and driven to his respite provision.

I asked them months ago when I first thought of this idea and I was encouraged to go, I was reassured that they would handle whatever Joshua threw at them – whether that is cushions as usual, or perhaps more seriously chicken pox – he has been itchng his tummy! – or a cluster of epileptic seizures that require rescue medication before they will stop. I trust them completely, he has been going there for 3 years now and I know that they are very fond of him and that they take his changing behaviour in their stride: when he first started there, Joshua was asleep in the corner all of the time and they had to plan activities around his sleeping. Now our lad is unrecognisable as he bursts onto the scene , refusing to be ignored. He is no longer passive but he expresses his opinions such as refusing to eat their meals but relishing an outing to his favourite “Donalds” and he is always awake during the day and usually sleeps through at night.

But despite his more vocal, lively presence , they encouraged me to make the holiday booking and to simply give them an emergency contact ‘just in case’! I have gone overboard and given them three willing contacts : Yorkshire Grandma, his Aunt and my friend. So thank you to them too, I hope that they are not contacted – I do not expect them to be – but if they are, thank you for doing the right thing by Joshua, as I know you will.

So having planned all of Joshua’s care, it only remains for us to cycle off into the sunset tonight.

2 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Great to see you writing again. It gives a window into your life and it encourages other mums whatever their circumstances to cheer your on. Josie

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