Reunited again

I wrote last Thursday that my husband and I were heading abroad for a short break, while Joshua was in respite. Well we all returned home yesterday and so normal life resumes – Joshua has been up since 3am, so we are having some quality early time together, could he be making up for lost time with Mum?

We had the best time away, it could not have been improved : the weather was perfect with blue skies and warm sunshine everyday, we cycled 79.5 miles so feel very virtuous, so that meant we could eat well and not feel too guilty and the hotel was beautiful. We were able to be a couple and were able to do things that we cannot do with Joshua  – to cycle, to enjoy a leisurely lunch sitting people-watching without being hurried on, to browse in more than one shop, I enjoyed going round a museum listening intently to an audio tour and to go out for a late drink. I wake earlier than my husband so I loved cycling around the city, at sunrise, just soaking up the beauty of the buildings bathed in orange sunlight and the peaceful streets and canals, all before breakfast.

I did not phone his respite provision until we got home yesterday morning, but they kindly sent me a text each day with a brief update and some photos, which was just enough to put my mind at rest. Once ressured, I could focus on our break again. so we are all topped up and it felt like we were away longer than just a long weekend.

I left work early yesterday so that I could see Joshua and give him his tea. He was clearly excited to be home and to see me, I got lots of hugs, grins and kisses. Monday is our Riding for Disabled night so we headed off for a ride and he was giddy but he never took his eyes off me the whole time and I kept moving around to test him,but he found me and waved, pointed and shouted “No way!”

We all had an early night and I am now pondering where we should go for our next trip away………..

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