Good things come in threes

We had a really good day yesterday for several reasons :

  • I had a phone call in the morning, and after 7 months wait, Joshua now has an appointment on Monday to be sedated so that the dentist can fill his filling and have a good look at his teeth, while he cannot object. So the dentist that I complained to on wednesday, must have been able to pull some strings to get him seen. She first referred him to this specialist service last December on the last day of term before Christmas, so that is how long it has taken. Hopefully he will know nothing about it , it will not hurt at all and he will be in no more pain with his mouth.
  • We had made an appointment to go and look at an off-road wheelchair for us to buy for Joshua, so that he can comfortably come dog walks with us. We left home at 11am and we arrived in Cheshire after 3pm, so it was a long drive. But it was well worth it : such an amazing piece of design and equipment . Joshua seemed to sense what we were doing there as he sat beautifully in the comfortable seat as we wheeled him around the carpark, across various surfaces such as gravel – which it glided over like  a smooth surface – and long grass. I had expected him to be troublesome after so long sitting still in the car but he cooperated beautifully. We placed an order we were so impressed, although sadly it will take 10-12 weeks to build by hand, so we will not have access to it for the summer holidays, but it might be ready for October half term.
  • As the factory was in the county where both of our mums live, we drove an hour from there, to Granny’s house! Joshua was very excited to see her and even more so when she invited us to stay for tea. While we were sitting at the table Joshua invented a new ‘follow my leader’ game which made him roar with laughter. He would point at one of us around the table, indicating that it was our turn, then he would tap himself on the head or cheek, inviting us to copy him. Granny was really good at this game, while Mum and Dad were more keen on eating our salad after a long day in the car. After washing up, we went down the road to my Mother in  law’s house , where Joshua tried to engage Nanna in the same game, with less success. So he sat on the settee next to me, high-5ing me, trying to steal my glasses off my face and then finally snuggling down. We did not leave until after 9.30pm, which meant getting home just before midnight – for the second time for me this week! Joshua flopped into his bed without objection and hopefully he will enjoy a lie in too. My husband and I enjoyed a well-earned cup of tea then were not far behind him in our beds!

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