We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more working for a week or two….

I have had a stressful month at work but now I can forget all that as I am not due back there until 20 August, which is an amazing break. We are going away on a family holiday – a staycation with our two dogs. It is not just that I am looking forward to a break from work, but I am really looking forward to spending some leisure time with my two boys! Apart from weekends, I have not yet shared Joshua’s school holidays with him, he has been at Respite, with Dad or mostly, with Yorkshire Grandma. So now it is my turn…

Joshua is great company at the moment : he is much more interactive than he once was and more communicative too. He is able to request what he wants more than he once could. And with his new found voice, he is able to express his wicked sense of humour much more so he really makes me laugh. He enjoys stealing glasses off your face or sunglasses off the top of your head, laughing and shouting ” No Glasses!” at the same time, for example.

I really enjoy some early morning time to myself, before either boy wakes up. I will take the dogs on the beach for walks at sunrise , have an early swim, read a trashy novel or go for a bike ride. Whatever I do, it will be my choice and my time for me, as I don’t get too much of that.

Hopefully we will be able to put the dentist trauma and the heat-induced seizures behind us, so that we can have lots of family fun together. My sister/Joshua’s aunt is hoping to join us too for a few days, it will be great to see her and to share our holiday home and favourite haunts with her. She may also offer to take care of Joshua for us, while I go for a bike ride with my husband or maybe a drink one night, so that is a bonus too.

See you on the other side, happy summer.

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